Get ready Firebirds fan, the action returns in October.

The Ontario Hockey League has announced that the teams will be returning to the ice for the 2021-2022 season in October. The regular season for the league is now set for Thursday, October 7th so mark your calendars Flint Firebirds fans. Ontario Hockey League players can now enjoy the summer knowing that they will be packing up and heading for training camps starting on Saturday, September 4th.

Will the 2021-2022 be a normal season?

Yes. Beginnging on Thursday, October 7th, fans can look forward to a conventional 68-game regular season. The regular season will run through Sunday, April 3rd, 2022.

It’s an exciting time for everyone as we turn our attention to a new season,” “We look forward to getting our players back into their OHL communities where they can continue to pursue their goals both on the ice and in the classroom...said Ontario Hockey League Commissioner David Branch. 

When will the playoffs get underway?

Once the regular season concludes, the 2022 OHL Playoffs will begin on Thursday, April 7th, 2022 and run through Monday, May 30th when we will find out what team will win the prestigious J. Ross Robertson Cup.

The complete 680-game regular-season schedule will be made available to fans in the upcoming weeks. It is so awesome that we can now look forward to seeing the Firebirds back in action on the ice at the Dort Financial Center. It has been far too long. The Firebirds had an amazing season that was cut short due to the pandemic so we can wait to see them pick up where they left off!

Source: Ontario Hockey League


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