Major developing plans are in the works for Flint State Park; some people are really upset about it.

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Earlier this week, ABC 12 posted an article about the new park and how the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is planning an open house for the project. The open house would be open to the public and would give residents the opportunity to take a look at the proposed plans and give their feedback.

Where Will Flint State Park Be Located?

The 234-acre park would be developed west of downtown Flint along the Flint River. According to the Department of Natural Resources, the park would include Chevy Commons, Mott Park Recreation Area, Riverbank Park, Vietnam Veterans Park, Happy Hollow Nature Area, and existing trails, along with other lands along the Flint River.

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After ABC 12 posted the article and shared the photo of the proposed park on Facebook, people went nuts. I couldn't believe how outraged some people were over there being a State Park in Flint. I thought it would be a nice addition to the area. Clearly, others don't feel the same.

Facebook User:

What a joke. Flint doesn't need a state park on the river, the river is polluted already you want people swimming in polluted water this will fail faster than it gets developed.

Facebook User:

What a nice place it will be for the tweakers to trash and sleep and leave there shit all over. How about clean up the damn town before blowing money.

Facebook User:

There are so many more important things Flint could be doing with the resources they have. This is another Autoworld, Riverfront Park and Water Street Pavilion with its skating rink. This has been done before. Downtown had a beautiful park. They were going to add a canoe launch and all kinds if things. Most of it is still there, but nobody has utilized it for much of anything past an occasional concert. The best of luck in this "new idea".

There were hundreds of comments that shared the same vibe. However, not everyone is against the idea. There were some people that loved what's been proposed so far.

Facebook User:

Downtown Flint is already very nice and constantly improving, go visit the farmers market some Saturday, it is busy and vibrant. Revamping that river area will be a great addition to the downtown area. This park will draw more people, businesses, and money.


When and Where is the Open House?

The open house will be held from 3 to 7 pm on Oct. 4 at the Mott Park Clubhouse on Nolen Drive. There they will release the first plans for the park.

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