Jesus Christ. A Flint man is behind bars after beating up his girlfriend, and then killing one of her dogs.

According to ABC 12, Timothy Epps, 29, is facing felony charges including,

  • First degree animal abuse and assault with intent to do great bodily harm.
  • Domestic violence charges.
  • Interfering with electronic communications.

What led to all of this? Allegedly, Epps girlfriend came home and was upset that he was smoking pot in the house. The unidentified woman asked him to go outside. Epps in turn beat her up - bad. According to Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton, that beating included smashing her head against the wall. WTF?

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This clown then threw all three of the victims dogs outside. One of the dogs, a beagle, was thrown into traffic, was hit by a car and killed. Again, WTF? What kind of man, first of all beats up a woman, and kills a dog?

The woman did dial 911. Luckily police were able to find her, Epps apparently took the phone from her, and hit her with it. That 911 operator is a real angel for helping to save this woman.

I would think (and hope), that Epps will end up serving time for these crimes. Starting now, and during that time, I hope the victim is able to get help, and stay clear of him permanently. I cannot even imagine being in a situation like this, but one thing I do know is an 'I'm sorry', is not going to cut it.

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