Cocaine has a variety of wild side effects, one of which is, apparently, the inability to keep your pants on. At least this is likely the latest adverse effect to be added to the DEA list thanks to a local Flintster.

Over the weekend, Michigan State Police were called out to Flint residence to conduct a welfare check on a man the caller claimed was standing outside without any pants or underwear. Of course, since parading around the streets without any clothing to cover dangling appendages is not a standard practice of the sane, the caller also reported that he believed the man was on drugs.

When police arrived on the scene, they did in fact find a seemingly “confused” man naked from the waste down, which led them to believe that this must be their guy. A woman who was reportedly in the man’s house at the time told authorities the man had eaten some cocaine and then flipped out...followed by a wicked case of the hurls.

The coke fiend streaker was transported to the Hurley Medical Center for treatment.