Check out some fun and interesting facts about Flint, Michigan.

Every city in the United States of America has a different history made up of interesting nuggets of information. Flint, Michigan is no different. From famous visitors and musical acts to unique structures and sports teams, Flint has a rich history.

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Since being founded in 1819 by a fur trader by the name of Jacob Smith, good ole Flint, Michigan has an interesting story, both good and bad. Vehicle City was and is a very important piece of the U.A.W. and General Motors. Food also plays an important role in the history of the city. Olive burgers, Koegel hot dogs, and more.

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While I wasn't born in Flint, I have spent about 25 years of my life here. The longer I live here the more I love the history of the city. I just wish I was a little bit older and lived here longer for the music scene alone. Flint was a stop on many major tours back in the day from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, 2Pac, and more. The old IMA and the Capitol Theatre brought big names to the Flint stages. Even today, The Machine Shop has become a major concert venue in the world of music.

The food is another amazing thing about Flint. Sure the battle between Flint-style and Detroit-style coneys will never have a winner, but the fact that we have such a strong contender in the fight is awesome.

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Take a look at these facts about Flint, Michigan that you may not know. If anything, you can use some of these facts to win a bet with friends the next time you're out for a drink.

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Know Your City: 15 Fun and Interesting Facts About Flint, MI

Flint, Michigan has a very rich history. Check out 15 fun and interesting facts you may not have known about Vehicle City.

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