People can say whatever they want about Flint, but you can't say the city hasn't produced some great athletes.  Now one of those athletes, Jim Abbott, is returning to to help out both the Boys And Girls Club and the Flint Public Library.  Check out the details.


I've always loved Jim Abbott.  Not only was he a great MLB pitcher, and a stand up guy, but he accomplished his life goals, despite the fact that he was born with out a right hand.  Most people would use that fact as an excuse in life, but Abbott made it his motivation.  Abbott has talked about how he was made fun of as a child, and how playing sports was the great equalizer.  Nobody was mocking him, when he was both a stand out pitcher and quarterback at Flint Central.


Abbott went on to have a 10 year career in MLB which included a perfect game and an Olympic gold medal.  He has done great work with youth charities and as a motivational speaker.  His autobiography, "Imperfect: An Improbable Life" was recently released and now Abbott is coming back to Flint for a benefit sale at The Flint Public Library and to be a part of a baseball clinic put on by the Flint Boys and Girls Club.


Abbott will host a Pitch, Hit and Run Clinic for youths aged 7-14, held on May 5th from 10 am to 1 pm.  Spots for the event are still available, and kids can get registered at The Boys And Girls Club site.  The clinic focuses on getting youngsters more active, and features different baseball related contests.


Later that day, Abbott will be at the Flint Public Library for a book signing of "Imperfect" with all proceeds going to benefit the Library and The Boys and Girls Club.  Attendance of the event is free, but only books bought at the Library will signed, and when you consider where the money is going, it seems like a pretty fair deal.

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