The Flint Police Department just got approval for some new toys that should help clear up any controversy when it comes to making arrests.

You see body cams on cops all the time online from trending videos. So the question is then, why did it take so long for us to get our hands on some? The answer is simple, money. It costs a lot of money and personnel to run body cams. 

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"We’re in the infant stages of this project," said Detective Sergeant Tyrone Booth, Flint Police Department.

Booth said Flint Police are exploring options for body cameras -- getting in a small shipment of Motorola cameras this week. He said they’ve yet to hit the streets as the department meets with companies and conduct trainings to find the right fit.

This is a huge step for the city of Flint! It's almost like we're finally moving into the modern age. Granted, the budget really hasn't been there to implement these upgrades.

"The cameras are not cheap so we haven't determined the final cost for those dollars and cents," Mayor Sheldon Neeley added. "We are attacking all grant dollars... to be able to be put in position to be able to support the tax dollars that go into public safety.

With these new cameras hopefully, we can start to move into a more accepting environment of police officers interacting with civilians. With a red light constantly recording engagements hopefully, that will be enough to keep people and officers from stepping over the line. This is why these body cam's are a much-needed tool in mending the relationship between civilians and law enforcement.

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