An unidentified Flint woman went through hell at the hands of three people. Over a week-long period, she was beaten and forced to have sex with multiple people against her will. Thankfully, she was able to escape and now her captors are facing countless charges

Reports indicate the woman was bouncing from home to home after leaving her husband. The 34-year-old eventually ended up at the home of 41-year-old Darius Thames with a friend of hers. The friend eventually moved out and unfortunately, the woman stayed. Also living in the home were Thames girlfriend Emily Draheim, 27, and Trey Stewart, 25.

This nightmare started according to ABC 12 on May 7th when Draheim and the victim got into a fight. It apparently was so heated that Draheim actually strangled her. When Thames returned home, he also began beating the woman. Christ. This began the week-long torture and eventually, the woman was sold for sex. The victim was finally able to escape after two of her captors were out of the home and the third had fallen asleep. The woman ran to Teaser's for help and that is when police were called.