Flint residents of a south-side neighborhood have had it with one of their neighbors that owns a goat. They want the goat removed.

This goat isn't being kept in nice a fenced-in backyard, it's right next to the house for all to see. The goat lives in a small pen/cage that is covered with a raggedy tarp. Aside from it being an eyesore for the neighborhood, it's not a healthy way of life for the goat.

According to ABC 12, these people used to keep the goat in the front yard until people complained. However, it's still visible for everyone to see. It's not a good look for the nice neighborhood. You can see a photo and video of the goat, here.

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So far, residents haven't had much luck getting assistance from the city.

Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley:

If a person has a goat and they claim it as a domestic animal or domestic pet, the city will not go remove a goat. But if it’s causing harm to the neighborhood or problems, we will take a look and revisit it.

In my opinion, a goat doesn't belong in a residential area like this neighborhood.

Much like a barking dog, I wouldn't want to listen to a goat going baa baa baa all day either.

When I was a kid we had three African pigmy goats. They lived outside but had a sheltered area that they could go into to keep warm. It wasn't a cage with a tarp wrapped around it like the one in Flint that we're talking about. They were also kept in a fenced-in area with plenty of space to roam around.

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