The early winter weather that swept through Flint this week has left a record setting mark on our area.

Not only did the Veteran's Day storm set a snow fall record, but Tuesday we saw a low temperature record broken. The old snowfall record for was 3 inches, set back in 1933. The 8.6 inches of snow that fell in Flint on Monday will be a hard record to break. Burton and Lapeer both saw more than 9 inches of snow.

The previous cold temperature record was 15 degrees, set in 1997. This week the low on Tuesday was 6 degrees, and I hope we never see this record broken.

The cold weather isn't completely gone, but by the weekend we should be back to normal temps. There have been quite a few different forecasts, but if November is any clue as to how our winter will go, this is going to be a tough one.

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