The Sloan Museum of Discovery on Flint's Cultural Center Campus is almost ready to open, but there is still a little bit of fundraising work to do.

The Sloan Museum closed for a massive renovation project in 2018 and relocated to an open space in the Courtland Center. When they initially closed everyone knew there would be a lot of work, but nobody saw the real obstacles that would show up in the years to follow. The Covid pandemic hit in the next year causing many more unplanned delays.

After all of the struggles, Sloan officials are ready to open the doors to the all-new Sloan Museum of Discovery. Check out the drone footage below of the new Sloan.

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I honestly don't know what to say that can accurately describe the difference between the old Sloan and the new building. It is way more than just a renovation, it is truly a brand new museum.

The Grand Opening of the Sloan Museum of Discovery is July 16th, 2022.

If you've ever been to the Sloan before, then you already know what a special place it is. Along with the rotating exhibits they have always featured incredible parts of Flint's history. You can see in the video below that those staples of the Sloan are not going to change, but there is some more fundraising work to do to enter the final phase.


The Sloan is not only going to maintain the history that they've had, but they are opening new doors to young minds all throughout Genesee County.

To help make sure they can do so, Sloan officials have started a fundraising campaign to make sure their financial goals are met.


With the money raised, the Sloan Museum will be focusing on the following projects.

• Spaceship Earth – An earth globe filled with earth science exhibits, brew up a tornado, experience earthquakes, control the weather, and slide down the 20 foot high ‘landslide’.
• Great Lakes Water Table – Create your own hydroelectric dam, move freight, follow the water cycle while getting your hands wet.
• ABC Tree – For our youngest visitors, climb and explore this treehouse fort and discover words and letters along with animal friends.
• Flint in WarTime – Learn the amazing history of how Flint built tanks that helped to win WWII, with a real Hellcat Tank.
• Vehicle City – Explore Flint’s carriage and car history through the past, present, and future of automotive innovation.

I've spent countless hours with my family inside the Sloan, and will definitely be donating to their fundraiser. I completely understand that financially, things are rough right now, but you can still help without donating. All you have to do is share this story across your social networks. Someone on your friends list will be able to help and get Sloan closer to their goal.

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