Flint will soon be in the national spotlight once again, only this time the water crisis will take a backseat to the police.

This hasn't been the greatest couple of years for Flint, and I imagine that's why Netflix is choosing now to tell its story via an eight-episode docuseries called 'Flint Town.' While there is no preview available as of yet, Netflix already has a homepage for the show with the following description:

"This documentary series examines the state of law enforcement in America through the Flint, Michigan, police department."

That's pretty vague description, but the Hollywood Reporter further explained that the series will be a look at the city in the "aftermath" --their words, not ours -- of the Flint Water crisis that is focused on the police. The report also says:

"Directors Zackary Canepari, Jessica Dimmock and Drea Cooper embedded themselves with the local law enforcement as they struggled to gain support with decreasing resources and infrastructure issues."

Just once it would be cool if the national media or Hollywood highlighted something positive about Flint, like how our coney dogs are far superior to Detroit's. Either way, 'Flint Town' is set to hit Netflix on March 2nd. Let's just hope they didn't run into Eric Mays while filming.


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