Give me something to break!

The Sandbox Virtual Reality Arcade in Flint is giving you the opportunity to release all of your anger, in a positive and safe way - that does include breaking stuff.

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It is time for you to let it all go inside of one of their three new Rage Rooms. These are rooms where anything, and everything can be broken - by you. Of course you will have some tools available to help you with said destruction. You can choose from baseball bats, sledgehammers, a rolling pin and more.

You can use the provided tools to break everything from computers, fax machines, wine bottles and more. Throwing items is also allowed. I feel less stressful just thinking about this room. If your wheels are turning too - get you plan in motion to rage. You can rage alone, or with up to four people per room.

If you have anger issues, I can definitely relate. I have a tendency to fly off the handle very easily. Going into one of these rooms would be more than beneficial. If you are a happy go lucky person (good for you), this would still be fun to do. You don't have to be angry to destroy things.

My friends Samantha Waite and Tom Yaeger recently vistited one of the Rage Rooms, and said it was an absolute blast. You can check out some of their pictures below. The Sandbox Virtual Reality Arcade is located inside of the Genesee Valley Mall, inside of entrance seven (by the old Sears). For additional information, or to book a room call (810) 715 - 9791.


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