Flint's own Avalon Black released a new song today, and along with it - their first ever music video.

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I know a lot of you are familiar with the band, but if you are not - it is time to get familiar. These guys are so damn talented, and Jordan's voice - absolutely incredible. According to Avalon Black, 'Her Body Levels Houses' practically wrote itself. Guitarist Kris Kress said it began with him and lead singer Jordan Orvis during their weekly writing session. Kris had the guitar riff, and from there it was on.

AB recorded the tune at Full Send Studios in Lapeer. The band said that their producer  brought an amazing ear to the project and brought out the best in the band, and the song. The feeling was mutual because, this is what Paul Raymond from Full Send Studios had to say about working with Avalon Black,

"Working with Avalon Black was an absolute pleasure! Any time I get to work with these guys is the best time. A session with Avalon Black normally last about 4 hours. They know the music so well we can track a song with live drums in 4 hours from scratch. Just incredible dudes on and off stage."

Incredible dudes on and off the stage, I one hundred percent agree. Check out the video above for 'Her Body Levels Houses' (love that title), and you can stream the song on all platforms now.

Here is to many more videos and songs from Avalon Black.

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