The highly anticipated opening of Flint's Hamady grocery has once again been delayed but if all goes according to plan they should open doors by the Fourth of July or sooner.

According to ABC12, one of the reasons for the delay is the fact that they can't find enough people to fill the positions needed which just blows me away. I guess the store owner ran a bunch of ads looking for employees but only 15 people have applied. He ran ads for a produce manager and meat manager and no one applied. They need to fill around 90 positions and only 15 freaking people have applied. How is this possible?! The manager stated: "We can't get people who want to make money, who want to have benefits."

At the moment to at least be operational, they need 20 more employees. If interested in applying to work for Hamady, you can stop by and visit the store or apply on I suggest going to the store directly for faster results. I went to the website and it's really difficult to find the info you're looking for.

I'm not going to give my full-blown opinion. All I will say is that certain people (lazy asses) who say there isn't work, need to get up and get out there and make it happen.

Flint's north side has been in desperate need of a grocery store since the closing of Kroger back in 2014.