Flushing Community School has announced that they will be bringing back mask requirements for students K-12. The requirement will be in place till February 11th, and if the recent spike in COVID-19 doesn't calm down, it could be longer than that. 

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The Superintendent of Flushing Community Schools Matt Shanafelt released a statement in regards to the mask requirement.

"At this point, it is crystal clear that neither the necessary contact tracing (using 6 feet, instead of 3 feet) or the testing is sustainable at these high numbers. What is even clearer is that if we continue to trend in the direction that we are with positive cases, we will quickly not have the necessary staff to keep students in school, which is incredibly important to all of us. While “at home” or “out-of school” spread remains dominant, there are an increasing number of examples of in-school spread amongst our students and staff members since our return from break, which is of great concern,"


Regardless of how you feel about the situation, these steps are necessary to prevent spread. Kids are like little nuclear factories for viruses and can quickly get a whole household sick in a day. If you have children you know what I'm talking about. When your kids are sick, 9 times out of 10 you'll be next to catch whatever they have.

So please don't be that parent that goes off the rails every time there's a new update to mask requirements. Yea I understand it's frustrating, and yea you saw a video that said masks are useless, blah blah blah. The fact is that we have to try something to slow the spread of covid, so if masks even help out by 1% that's something we need to take seriously.

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