Imagine driving along Michigan's I-75 and you look up and see a car flying overhead.

It sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie. However, it sounds like we're closer than we've ever been.

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For years we've heard how flying cars are the transportation of the future and how one day it would become reality. We've watched as creators have attempted what seems impossible, but for the first time ever, it looks like someone has actually done it.

The Alef Model A flying automobile is the world's first street-legal flying car with vertical take-off abilities that is approved by the FAA.

According to Global Upload, Alef Model A is compatible with a city's existing parking and transportation systems and only requires a simple drone license.

Global Upload YouTube
Global Upload YouTube

The Alef Model A flying car's driving range of 200 miles and its flight range is 110 miles.

Where Can You See the Alef Model A in Person?

The Alef Model A will be on display on the main floor at this year's North American International Detroit Auto Show as part of their "Air Mobility Experience."

Detroit Auto Show Chairman Thad Szott:

Building upon the laser focus on electrification in vehicles and aircraft, it’s a natural progression for shows like ours to take a look at the expanding mobility ecosystem. Our ‘Air Mobility Experience’ will again this year capture the imagination of visitors by showcasing the sky’s the limit in future mobility.”

According to WXYZ, guests will be able to check out a virtual reality simulator that gives them the experience of what it’s like to fly in the cockpit.

When is the Detroit Auto Show?

The Detroit Auto Show will be from September 13 to 24 at Huntington Place in Downtown Detroit

The future is here!

The Alef flying automobile is up for pre-sale for $300,000 on the company's website.

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