My favorite four-letter word is FREE. Okay, maybe not my most favorite four-letter word, but close. I am guessing most people love hearing the word free, especially this time of year.

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If you have already gone over your holiday budget and stretched your dollars as far as they can go, don't despair. You are still able to enjoy some additional Christmas cheer at Christmas Presence - a free holiday concert happening in Grand Blanc on Monday, December 20th. Yes, you read that right - this event is free.

So what exactly is 'Christmas Presence' all about? I am glad you asked, I have all of the answers to your questions below.

Who is performing at Christmas Presence?

Guests are in for a real treat. Greg Hind of the legendary The Little River Band will be performing Christmas music and more. Hind has been with LRB for over 20 years.

Where is the show being held?

The free concert will take place at Mainstream Boutique located at 11520 South Saginaw Street in Grand Blanc.

Will there be food and drinks available?

Non-alcoholic hot drinks and cookies will be provided to guests.

Will seating be available?

Limited seating will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

What time is the show?

The event kicks off at 6:30 PM and will end by 8:00 PM.

Can I bring my kids?

Only if they are well behaved. Just kidding - this is indeed an all-ages show.

That covers everything. I hope you are able to attend, Greg Hind is a real talent and this evening sounds like a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season. Special shout out to Max Broock Realtors and Real Estate Consultant Mike Barrett for presenting this awesome community event.

Happy Holidays!

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