To say 'Friday the 13th: The Game' got off to a rough start might be the understatement of the year. The developers know they dropped the ball, and they're making it up to fans with some highly requested DLC... for free.

'Friday the 13th: The Game' is something this Jason fan has been waiting for all his life. After the game came out, I also had to wait an additional 25-30 minutes to get into a match because the developers didn't have enough servers. It took a couple weeks, but they've done a great job of being honest with their customers, and have now fixed most of the major issues.

Admitting that they dropped the ball took guts. Especially in the face of a volatile online gaming community who were not willing to take into account that this is an independent game and a labor of love for Gun Media and Illfonic. Myself and other real fans of the franchise are well aware of just how much love went into this game. The attention to detail they paid to even the smallest of nods to the films is pretty impressive, and I appreciate it greatly. Therefore, I've given them a pass on all the technical difficulties.

Not everyone was as forgiving as me though, and the guys have taken a pretty good beating online -- some would say rightfully so. Painfully aware of that, the creators are throwing some pretty dope freebies our way, in the form of the much-requested retro Jason skin! Yes, the Charlotte Hornets colored Jason from the soul-crushingly difficult NES outing. I see that he comes with an original 8-bit score too, but I hope they're able to work in some of those classic NES Jason SFX. Especially the killing counselors/campers beeps, and the woosh noise when he disappears. I love that creepy ass cabin music too. We'll find out what makes the cut when retro Jason goes live tomorrow.

In addition to that, they'll be kicking out some free outfits for the counselors, free CP, and adding a double XP weekend. Most game companies do not do this sort of thing. They'll stare down your grievances while counting your dollars and tell you to kick rocks.The way the Friday team is handling this is exactly why I love what they're doing. They could've easily gone straight Konami on us by torching their flagship game, making you pay $20 for the demo, releasing a full-price unfinished game, twice, and never adding any meaningful DLC to give fans the complete experience they paid for... at least twice.

Seriously, you guys. We got boned hard on Metal Gear Solid V, and Konami didn't give a s***. Be glad that the Voorhees boys are doing us like that. They're actually responding to criticism, listening to suggestions, fixing problems, and trying to keep their community happy -- and that's pretty effing awesome in my book.

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