They're baaaaack... and just in time for Halloween. That's right, the boy band comprised of history's most notorious slashers is back with a Backstreet Boys parody that will rip your heart out. Literally.

Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, Leatherface, and Ghostface are teaming up to let you know that they really want you... dead. It's nice to see such strong silent types express their feelings so openly for a change.

This parody of Backstreet Boys 1999 pop smash hit 'I Want It That Way' is expertly crafted by The Merkins, who also run a hilarious Freddy Krueger Instagram account. Not only is the song well done, but they nailed the iconic music video as well. There are few things as funny as seeing all my favorite slashers (and Ghostface) in all white suits doing expressive boy band dancing on the beach.

This isn't the first outing for the Slashstreet Boys, as The Merkins released another spot on BSB parody around this time last year, 'Dropping Bodies,' which you can see below.


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