Right as this whirlwind of a decade started coming to a close, bands started announcing reunions left and right. We're not exactly sure what caused it, but as for My Chemical Romance, frontman Gerard Way simply believes it was the right time.

Geoff Rickly, who produced My Chemical Romance's debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love and also fronts the band Thursday, spoke to Kerrang! about a recent conversation he had with Way. "He said it felt like it was the right time," Rickly said. "One of the things he said was, ‘I don’t know if it would have happened if it wasn’t now.’ And I got what he meant by that."

Rickly believes Way was referring to the reluctance of reuniting a band after they've spent too long apart. "At some point it just becomes too long, like, ‘I don’t think I can get back there, personally. It’s just too distant and too weird.’ So I’m glad that they’re doing it. I think it’s amazing. And no matter what, I’m going," he enthused.

Thursday will be opening for My Chemical Romance at their first reunion show in Los Angeles on Dec. 20, but the groups have a tour history that dates back to the Black Parade days.

"It was beyond the scope of what I thought bands could do," Rickly reflected. "I’m a ’90s kid, so I thought Smashing Pumpkins playing a 3,000-seater was as big as a band could get. So seeing MCR play two sold-out nights at Wembley – and when we walked down the street, every single shop on the high street had a marching band outfit in the window."

The vocalist and producer went on to describe what it was like seeing Way go from a reserved guy to a superstar, adding that he often worried about him and believes that was why the band broke up to begin with. Considering the mid-2000s is when the age of the internet really started picking up, stardom became something impossible to avoid. "At that level it’s just so taxing on a person," Rickly concluded.

MCR recently announced a handful of other shows for 2020, see the dates here.

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