Consider this your formal invitation to join me tonight at Genesee County's largest and scariest haunt - EXIT 13.

I will be broadcasting live tonight, Friday October 18th, from 8:00PM until 10PM with the Banana crew. During the broadcast you can score tickets to the SOLD OUT Trapt, Saving Abel, Saliva and Tantric show at the Machine Shop on Halloween night.

Exit 13 also features 'Buried Alive' - prepare to freak the hell out. You are literally put inside of a coffin and you get the feeling and or sensation of being put in the back of a hearse, being driven to the cemetery and actually lowered to the ground. You will hear and smell dirt being put on top of the coffin - it is insane! If you are looking for a haunt that will truly terrify you - it is EXIT 13. I swear they are really killing people in there!

Tickets are the following:

  • $22 General Admission
  • $30 Combo Ticket (EXIT 13 and Buried Alive)
  • VIP Fast Pass, add $10
  • Buy timed tickets on line here.

For more information, click here. EXIT 13 is located on North Saginaw, just of of 475 in Mt. Morris. Will you make it out alive?

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