Just last month, Ghost revealed Cardinal Copia as the latest in the line of succession to front the band. He follows on the heels of Papa Emeritus I, II and III, with some pretty big shoes to fill, but he definitely made an impression with his nifty dance moves in the "Rats" video. Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez recently spoke with Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge about Cardinal Copia and the universe that he's created for Ghost.

“He’s definitely the more limber of all of them I think," Forge stated when asked what Cardinal Copia brings to the table that perhaps the other Papa's did not. He went on state, "He’s also someone I have to get used to because we’re looking at a prospect of this guy being around for like five years. My mind needs to be very elastic in terms of what this guy can do, not only physically, but what he can amount to. I think that he’s the most interesting [character] so far and you will see a lot of him hopefully. We’ll see if he passes, but let’s say that he will. He’ll have plenty of time to show more sides to him.”

When pressed if Cardinal Copia will bring that fancy footwork to the stage during Ghost's tour, Forge added, "Maybe not as agile as he was in that video but definitely there will be some ass-shaking."

It was revealed last month that all three of the previous Papa's had been murdered, but that their embalmed bodies would be on display during VIP meet-and-greets. The news upset some fans, but that's also a testament to the mystique the band has created.

"If what I do and what we do is in any way getting into the minds of people and that is thrilling and entertaining notion and that gets people’s minds and souls in movement, that’s a good thing. First and foremost, this whole thing is an entertainment entity. That’s what it is," said Forge.

He adds, "I always try to draw parallels to trying to do the same thing that George Lucas tried to do with Star Wars. I know that the space I see in Star Wars is basically a big warehouse in San Rafael, but it doesn’t matter. In my world, in my head, I want to believe that that is the Star Wars universe and that’s the same way I want people to believe in the Ghost universe and if people do, then my job is done. And if they get angry, well, I was upset when they killed Han Solo. That was upsetting."

With an album on the horizon, Ghost are just starting to unveil the new elements to their show, and things will expand even bigger later this year when the band plays The Forum in Los Angeles and the Barclays Center in New York. See all of their scheduled dates listed here.

You can hear more of Tobias Forge's interview on the Loudwire Nights syndicated radio show this Monday night (May 14). To find out where you can listen to Loudwire Nights, check here.

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