In a recent interview, Ghost's Tobias Forge revealed the reasons he prefers not to work with metal producers. While referencing an AC/DC album, the musician explained why he doesn't want to get "too comfortable" when making an album. He also said metal's primary overseers often aim for a "puritan-like conservatism" in the music.

Instead, the singer and sole creative force behind Ghost identified the more open-ended aspects he's looking for in the producer of his band's next album, what will be the follow-up to 2018's Prequelle.

In a conversation with Global News last week (Oct. 30), the musician talked about his previous work with various producers, a select group that includes Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl. He also fielded an inquiry about Ghost's tendency to collaborate with producers outside the scope of metal.

"I'm sure people in the heavy metal sphere might have noticed that too," Forge said. "And there's a reason for that: metal producers are very purpose-driven. They do a fantastic job and they know exactly what they're going for. They're experts in doing exactly that. And I have nothing against it, but that's not what I'm trying to do. So I need to be fully aware and completely awake in trying to find the right producer for Ghost in that moment."

However, the Ghost mastermind admitted, "There are exceptions to all rules." Still, regarding Meliora producer Klas Ahlund's "perfect" pairing with the band, Forge cited that music maker's past work with pop stars such as Robyn and Ellie Goulding. Indeed, in a concerted attempt to "reference things from Euro Disco all the way to Slayer" while recording, the frontman explained that a "typical metal producer, they might say, 'Slayer, of course. But everything else you mentioned is just 'ordinary music.''"

The bandleader continued, "I'm not saying that every heavy metal producer is like that, I just feel like metal today, as opposed to 1975, is such a defined genre, that people our age and younger have lived their entire lives knowing exactly what heavy metal is. But people who were around when they made Back in Black didn't really know what that was. There's so many rules now. It's too refined. The whole culture breathes a little bit of a puritan-like conservatism. In order to make new records, I think sometimes you need to try not to think too much about all of these rules."

Forge previously confirmed he'll record Ghost's next album without his live band. The band will be off the road for most of 2020 to accommodate the sessions. Get future Ghost concert tickets here.

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