Running on the campaign slogan of “Putting the Pork Back in Government,” there is now a pig hoping to become the next mayor of Flint.

A Facebook page was recently launched, which is reportedly being overseen by local attorney Michael Ewing, featuring the latest mayoral candidate “Giggles the Pig,” who hopes to get your "write in" vote in the November election.

In a recent post, Ewing explains why he made the decision to run a pig for mayor:

“It started because one of the city council members, who was convicted of murder, announced he was running for mayor. I am pretty forgiving, but it I am really strongly opposed to murder—and think electing a mayor who was convicted of murder sends a bad message about our city. Not to mention the embarrassing letters he has written about Flint.

“We also have a mayoral candidate who was recently convicted for driving his car while drunk on the highway with three flat tires—while driving the wrong direction on the highway. This same mayoral candidate has been thrown out of council meeting because he cannot behave himself. Flint deserves better candidates than this. While reading about these people it occurred to me that Giggles would be a more dignified candidate—and I’m right.”

Ewing claims Giggle has never been convicted of murder, nor does she have a particularly gripping drinking habit that has caused her trouble with the law.

It is our understanding that Giggles voted “No” on Proposal 1. However, we are curious where she stands on the issue of marijuana legalization?

Courtesy of Giggles the Pig for Flint Mayor
Courtesy of Giggles the Pig for Flint Mayor

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