The secrets and players around the 141-acre piece of land in Burton have been a mystery for the last few months. Now, it has been revealed that General Motors is behind the project.

Last night, the mayor of Burton, Mayor Paula Zelenko, the purchased parcel of land was for a potential new General Motors facility. A company in Missouri purchased the land for $268,000. Up until now, some of the details of the project were withheld due to non-disclosure and other reasons.

The new facility isn't set in stone yet as General Motors has another area of land that they are looking. Decisions on the sites should be expected in the upcoming weeks. Even though the car company has not fully committed to the project, they do have a plan that could bring a new state-of-the-art facility to the area.

So far it is projected that around 800 jobs could be created with this new facility. Check out all the details available here. 

Source: MLive