Well, go figure.  It really does pay off to be beautiful!  Research shows that pretty people are happier and richer than not so pretty people.

New info from economists at the University of Texas shows that if you are good looking you are happier than unattractive people.  Beautiful people also make more money and tend to marry higher earning spouses.

More than 25 thousand people were studied for this project, including peeps in the U.S., Canada, Germany and Britain.  Both males and females were studied, but according to this particular study beauty played a bigger role in the happiness of women.

I totally believe this.  Think about yourself if you are beautiful or think about your great looking friends.   People really are nicer to pretty people.  Fair or not, that is a reality.  If you are average like most of us, blame your parents!  Beauty is fading but ugly is forever!

What do you think?  Is this study accurate?