Yesterday, thousands of school students across the nation staged a planned walkout as a memorial and protest to the 17 students who perished in the Florida school shooting. A threat at Grand Blanc High School before the walkout caused the school to go into secure mode canceling the walkout. 

While students were preparing for the event, a school resource officer was made aware of a threat from a student. The threat stated that "someone would get hurt" if the walkout protest happened. Because of the threat, school administrators and police decided to place the school into lockdown mode keeping the students in their classrooms.

After the lockdown was lifted, students staged a sit-in protest in front of the administrative office. Many students felt that the school was trying to silence their voices during the protest. The school had this to say:

The Grand Blanc Police Department and the Grand Blanc Community Schools respect each students’ right to peacefully protest, however, we must make sure that the students are safe from harm while doing so.

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Source: ABC 12