Earlier this week, a Grand Blanc Township man stopped what he was doing to pay his respect while a police funeral procession drove by his home.

Thursday, July 6, a Grand Blanc man was out mowing his lawn when a funeral procession for a police officer passed by his residence. The man stopped his lawnmower, removed his hat, and saluted the entire time the long funeral procession passed by.

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It was a powerful moment caught on camera by Genesee County resident Leanne Stuart. Stuart was kind enough to share that special moment on social media.

I'd be lying if I said the photo didn't get me choked up a little.

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Leanne Stuart:

I had to run out to get Mucinex today, and on the way, a long police funeral procession passed. And while people still do not know that out of respect, you are supposed to stop and/or pull over to show respect, this man who was mowing his lawn, stopped, removed his hat, and saluted the whole time until the procession passed. It made me tear up. There are still good people in the world.


The funeral procession was for Genesee County Deputy Sheriff Anthony "Tony" Fedewa who passed away from a brief illness on June 25th.

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It is a civil infraction to cut through a funeral procession. Drivers should be appropriately respectful of funeral processions but they are not required to pull over should they see a funeral procession on the road. However, you should out of respect (in my opinion).

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