A Grand Blanc High School parent is fired up over what he thinks is a Nazi symbol on a school shirt. Personally, the first thing that came to my mind was Kiss when I first saw the shirt and apparently I was right.

Grand Blanc Assistant Principal Gary Goetzinger told our partner station the lettering on the shirt, which was actually designed by a student, was inspired by Kiss. The entire shirt, front and back, was based on paying homage to a Kiss album. "Everything we have done within the past 3 years especially with the Positivity Project is geared to character building and open-mindedness", said Goetzinger. "And this month we are doing a Cultural Competency program. Grand Blanc has always been accepting of culture and the diversity and awareness of the feelings involved."

According to ABC 12, The parent who didn't want to be identified said the "SS" used to spell out 'Student Section' on the back of the school shirt looks like a Nazi symbol. Okay, I see it too but that's definitely not what I thought of when I first saw the design. Actually, I never would have thought of a Nazi symbol until this parent brought it to everyone's attention.

These shirts are being sold at Grand Blanc High School for students to wear while cheering on the Bobcats in the student section. I highly doubt they were meant to offend anyone. In my opinion, it's simply a Kiss font that's being mistaken for something else.