Grand Blanc residents were a little concerned over the weekend when they thought their favorite restaurant in town had closed its doors for good.

If you made an attempt to grab lunch or dinner at Grand Blanc's Crossbow Inn over the the weekend, you probably found yourself a little disappointed as they were closed.

People were really confused by the closing because they didn't have a sign hanging of their doors stating why they had closed. However, they did post post a message on their Facebook page stating the were closing for four days to give their employees a break.

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I first heard about the closing after Grand Blanc residents started talking about it on the Nextdoor app. A lot to people thought they had closed for good. One woman posted the following:

Thursday my husband and I stopped by for a late lunch (after 1pm) and their front door was locked but no notice as to why. Their regular hours were posted on the door too & they should have been open.

One family member cleared up the confusion after she posted a comment on the app:

Please know this & rest assured & my deepest apologies for this inconvenience. The owner is the main cook & does work anywhere from 80+ hrs weekly & needed & much needed break & had no one to cover him so he decided to close for a much needed break for a long weekend.

She said their was a note on the door but the manager took it down the day before they closed for the long weekend.

The good news, they're still in business and will reopen today (Monday) at 11 am.

I would have been so bummed if they'd closed for good, I love going to the Crossbow Inn. They truly have the best escargot around, it's so good.

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