Great Harvest Bread Co. in Grand Blanc has come up with a great way to help many people in our community with this unique raffle.

If you have an extra ten or twenty bucks, you have the opportunity to help a bunch of local businesses and a great local charity. Great Harvest Bread Co. has come up with a unique raffle that not only helped out local businesses but also has the opportunity to raise some money for a great local charity.

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Great Harvest Bread Co. has put together a gift basket containing 40 different gift cards from local small businesses in Grand Blanc. All those businesses can benefit from each and every dollar of support from the community and you could own them all if you win the raffle. Tickets are $10 each or you can pick up 3 tickets for $20. The winner will be drawn on Friday, July 10th.

How does this help a local charity? That is the easy part. All of the proceeds from the raffle will go to one of two different charities. They are Whaley Children's Center of Flint or Genesee County Animal Control and those that purchase the raffle tickets will decide which organization will get the money. When you buy a ticket you will be able to pick which charity you think the money should go to. The organization with the most votes will receive all the proceeds.

To purchase your tickets, stop into Great Harvest Bread Co. at 252 Perry Road #C in Grand Blanc. For more information, call 810-953-1197.


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