Enjoy a delicious Piping Plover Pilsner and help with the conservation of the endangered Great Lakes Piping Plover.

Griffin Claw Brewing and The Detroit Zoological Society have teamed up in a conservation effort. The new "crisp, refreshing pilsner," the Piping Plover Pilsner is made with local ingredients here in Michigan.

The limited-edition beer will be available for purchase at Griffin Claw in Birmingham and select stores and markets throughout Metro Detroit. You'll be able to buy them in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans and a portion of the proceeds are going to be used to support wildlife conservation work to help the endangered Great Lakes Piping Plover.

In 1986, only around 20 pairs of the Great Lakes Piping Plovers existed and were near extinction. As of last year, the population has grown to 63 pairs. The Piping Plover Pilsner is only the first of four different brews that the partnership will create. The Griffin Claw Survival Series label will also feature brews to help the conservation of Grauer's gorillas, Panamanian golden frogs, and Partula snails.

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Source: MLive