The only thing missing is a tiger and some tunnels.

Take a look at this $6.4 million home in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan. The outside alone really looks like it would be the setting of a movie scene. We all know the scene. The drug traffickers visit the cartel bosses' home, where they sit by the pool and they witness someone else get murdered for crossing him or watch him feed a tiger for some reason. That scene.

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Checking out all the pictures from the home, you really don't see a set theme throughout the mansion. Every room seems to be designed differently with what can only be described as "f*** you money." This home has everything from a bunch of mirrors in one room, an old-school scuba suit in another, and even animal print scattered throughout on the walls and floor. Despite the overall cartel vibe, this mansion is pretty sweet.

This Grosse Pointe Park mansion on Grand Marais street has five bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and over 12,000 square feet of space. It also sits right on Lake St. Clair if you want to enjoy a family day on the pontoon or need a quick getaway to Canadian waters. The kitchen is unbelievable as well with granite countertops and custom cabinets and is fully equipped.

This mansion also boasts a finished basement, outdoor kitchen, huge patio, inground pool, observation deck, and more. Maybe I just watch too many movies and that's why I have the cartel vibe, but check it out for yourself below.

Source: Zillow

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This mansion on Lake St. Clair is huge. Every room seems to be designed differently with what can only be described as "f*** you money." 

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