The original 'Halloween' is heralded as a masterpiece of horror. Long story short, Michael Myers kills his sister on Halloween (hence, the title) and then grows up in a psych ward. On Halloween 16 years later, 21-year old Mikey escapes and returns to Haddonfield, Illinois to murder his now adopted sister, Laurie Strode. Eventually, Michael's psychiatrist Dr. Loomis shoots the crap out of him before he can accomplish his mission. That's where the original ends.

'Halloween II' picks up just minutes after the events of its predecessor, with a damaged Laurie -- who, for some reason, has different color hair -- in the hospital and Michael Myers still at large. Some people end up getting killed -- one via the most ridiculous car explosion ever captured on film -- and eventually, Mike gets to the hospital only to get both his eyes shot out and be blown up by (and with) Dr. Loomis (see below). Laurie survives again.