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This Teddy Bear May Give You Nightmares [VIDEO]
Teddy bears are usually meant to be soft, cuddly, or provide comfort to children or those who may need it. This one, not so much. This one is straight up scary. I'm not referring to a creepy talking Teddy Ruxpin scary, I'm talking Walking Dead, post apocalyptic, frightening...
Friday the 13th Prank is Killer
Who ever though of this prank is a genius in my mind. As we see in this YouTube video some guy dressed up as Jason from the 'Friday the 13th' movies hangs out in random places and then as people pass by he comes out of the shadows and starts chasing after them with an actual chainsaw.
Explaining Halloween
Sometimes when a horror film has too many sequels, they mess up the details of the backstory. Case in point -- the Halloween franchise, particularly parts 4 - 7. Join us as we make fun of / explain the more ridiculous parts of Michael Myers' history.

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