New Years Day is a fresh start to yet another year ahead. For some, it is a day to recover from drinking a little too much the night before. Here are a few tips to help you out for National Hangover Day.

1. Water - Dehydration is one of the most common hangover symptoms. When you drink you tend to use the bathroom quite a bit and that is when your body loses lots of fluids. Drinking lots of water and replenishing your electrolytes key. Stock up on water and Gatorade.

2. Greasy foods - Some say it is the best after a night of drinking. But eating a nice greasy dinner before going out tends to decrease the toxic intake in your body that alcohol has. A good base in your stomach of some bacon, eggs and other fatty foods is a great way to prep for the next day.

3. Medicine - I am a firm believer of taking some ibuprofen once I get home after having a few. It tends to help the process for the next day of laying on the couch.

4. Hair of the dog - It's not only a song but also one rule that many live by. By drinking more alcohol the next day seems to help you recover. No way in hell am I drinking more next day. Usually, the smell of liquor and beer gets me sick. So I will pass on this one and get an extra large Coke from Mcdonalds and call it good.

Whatever you use to cure your hangover just remember to also think ahead and get a designated driver, an Uber or a cab to make it home safe this New Year's Eve. Happy New Year #dueces.



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