Today is Maggie's 40th birthday.  So here is a list of fun facts about good old 1973.  Did we mention she turned 40 today?  Yep, 40.  That's four zero. Smack dab in the middle of 39 and 41. Ha!

Fun fact:  Maggie has been alive for 14,610 days.

Fun fact:  She has lived through 495 full moons.

Fun fact: "Photograph" by Ringo Starr was number one on the charts.

Fun fact: 18.5 minutes of the Watergate tapes came up missing.

Fun fact: Maggie has lived through 8 different US presidents.

Fun fact: Maggie was born five years before the Commodore 64 hit the market.

Fun fact: The Atari was the big gaming system.  Pong bitches!

Fun fact: "The Exorcist" became one of the highest grossing movies in 1973.


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