Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th. You are welcome for the reminder. Although you might not be seeing your mother in person, a phone call or a video call will most likely make your mom's day. Unless she is like my mom, my mother will want a call, and a present.

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I asked Tony LaBrie and Chris Monroe to send me a picture with their mothers. I thought it would be cool for the three of us to recognize our awesome moms. Tony responded with a picture right away, Chris not so much. I thought how hard can it be to send over a picture of you and your mother? It was way more difficult than I imagined. It took me forever to find a picture of me and my mom together. I found plenty of her alone, plenty with her and my sisters - but hardly any with me. WTF?  I live right next door do my mother, it is not like I don't have the opportunity to take pictures with her.

I was finally able to come up with one, but apparently Chris was not. Instead of a pic of Chris and his mom, I am including a picture of Chris and my mom at Kid Rock concert.

To my mom, Christine, Tony's mom Sharon, and Chrissy's mom Diane - Happy Mother's Day. You all are amazing women, and we love you so much. Tony, Chris, and I have known for years that we are your favorite kids (it is not a secret). Thank you for always believing in us.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you kick ass moms, from all of us here at the Banana.

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