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Chris' Smoked Monroe Burger
Burgers & Brews is happening tomorrow in Buckham Alley in Downtown Flint. Tony, Maggie, Andrea, and me are all competing for the crown and my burger is going to change your life! Big thanks to Eric and the crew at Scooters Bar & Grill for helping create this deliciousness!
Monroe Ruins Rock Fest
Chris Monroe made a field trip to Wisconsin this weekend to check out Rock Fest and caused Rob Zombie to cancel his set after only two songs -- see the video here!
Monroe Proves He's Got a Pair
So, just yesterday my girlfriend hit a nail and got a flat tire.  Since it was during the long day, the frustration festered and this Facebook post and battle began.  Seeing as how I don't know this guy, nor do I care about what people think of me, I decided to have a little fun at hi…
Bikin' and Baitin' at U of M
This has Chris Monroe written all over it. Chris is walking, running and riding his bike all over town, claiming to be getting in shape. Clearly the only thing he is 'getting' is himself off!
C-Mo Pulls A Larry David
Well my friends, sometimes my big mouth gets me in a little bit of trouble.  Last night, I was on my way home from work and stopped to get my girlfriend and I some Chinese food for dinner.  While waiting in line I updated my facebook status and then the fun began.
Classic Disney Video Explains Periods [VIDEO]
When I think about periods, the first person I think of is Walt Disney. Don't you? Well apparently old Walt felt strong enough about menstruation to produce a video on the subject. Let me tell you, this video was a great help to Chrissy Monroe, she had so many questions and this video answered …

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