Chris jumped state to catch a number of bands this past weekend at Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin... and of course he ruined it for everybody. After only two songs, Headliner Rob Zombie spotted Monroe among the crowd and said:

"We've never done this before, but Chris Monroe is here... Man, there's no way I can do this show. I'm sorry."

Zombie empathized with the crowd as they booed the presence of Monroe, saying "It's f---ing bulls---, I know." Then, visibly annoyed by Monroe's presence, Zombie dropped one last "Motherf---er" into the mic, threw the deuces and walked off stage. He did not return. It is currently unclear if Chris Monroe made it out of the venue in one piece.

This article was written for entertainment purposes only and the facts were altered to execute a sick burn on our co-worker. We're sorry if you missed that and arrived here under false pretenses, you can get the real story via the link below.

Update: Here we are almost a year later and Rob Zombie is set to headline Loudwire Live at the Genesee County Fairgrounds June 13th. Don't worry, Zombie is aware Monroe will be there this time and agreed to do his full show regardless... after we paid him double his usual rate and promised to keep Chris 50 yards from the stage during his set. He'll be joined by Theory of a Deadman, Art of Dying, Devour the Day and Citizen Zero -- get your tickets below or click here for more details!

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