Since it is National Video Games Day, we decided to check out this survey on America's favorite video games and consoles. How much of this do you agree with?

If you are into video games, today is your holiday. Call off work and jump in the gaming chair to celebrate. The folks at National Today conducted a survey of 1,000 people in America to find the nation's favorites when it comes to games and consoles. Did yours make the list? What did the miss? Check out some of the results below.

According to the survey, PlayStation and Xbox tied for the best gaming console with 38% each followed by Nintendo with 21%.

When it comes to best video game franchise, here are the top five:

  1. Super Mario - 47%
  2. Call of Duty - 21%
  3. TIE: Donkey Kong and Grand Theft Auto - 19%
  4. Pokemon - 16%
  5. Zelda - 13%

I have to disagree with some of this personally. For me, the best consoles are from Nintendo as I'm a huge fan of anything Mario or Zelda.

To see more of the results check out the survey here. 

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