Hardy has made a dream come true for one young Lennon, Michigan fan.

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The super-talented and popular singer and songwriter performed at Ford Field on Friday, June 30th. During a meet and greet, Hardy was shown a video of Keaton Vroman performing Hardy's song 'Sold Out'.

The fact that Hardy watched the video is awesome, but he went above and beyond and recorded a personal video message to Keaton too. You can see Keaton's video of 'Sold Out', the video of Hardy watching it, and Hardy's video message to Keaton below.

As you can imagine, Keaton is on cloud nine after getting Hardy's video message. Keaton's aunt Alenah Richardson (my second cousin) said all the way up north today his only request is

'Aunt Bean can you play Hardy.

Keaton is the son of Kyle and Kyle Vroman. I asked Alyssa a few questions about Keaton being such a big Hardy fan.

How long has Keaton been a Hardy fan?

Keaton heard 'SOLD OUT' for the first time in December and he has been his biggest fan since.

What was Keaton's reaction when he found out Hardy watched his video?

He was so shocked and the way his face lit up was the best!! He kept saying “I can’t believe it!!” I’m sure he is going to be telling all the family this weekend.

Does Keaton want to be a performer when he grows up?

100%! He has been asking about guitar and drum lessons. He has also always preferred listening to music over watching cartoons. He listens to a song one time and has the majority of the lyrics down. It’s awesome!  When we get home from work/school the first thing has asked is 'Can you turn on Hardy videos'.

You heard it here first, Keaton is going to be a star. Enjoy the videos.

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