Tonight, Cam Newton will walk away with the 2010 Heisman trophy.   Even the other candidates are aware of this.  When the NCAA announced Newton was still eligible to play after breaking NCAA rules regarding recruitment, he won the trophy.  And this Heisman winner might do more for college football then any before him.

Let's face the facts, Cam Newton shouldn't be eligible to play college football.  His dad broke NCAA rules and tried to get paid from schools recruiting Cam.  The rules are very clear when it comes to this sort of thing, and Newton shouldn't be allowed to play.  But he is, and has been playing all year.  Playing might be an understatement, because the dude has been the most dominate college football player by a mile.  He'll be rewarded for this with the Heisman trophy later tonight, and possibly with a National Championship, when his Auburn Tigers take on the Oregon Ducks in the Fiesta Bowl on January 10th 2011.

God, Erin Andrews is hot.

Picture not related.  Erin Andrews is just hot.

What does all of this mean for college football?  Hopefully, a lot.  In my best cases scenario, Cam wins the Heisman tonight, Auburn wins a close game on January 10th, and in 2 years, Newton's eligibility is revoked.   Auburn will have the championship stripped, will probably become Bowl ineligible for a few years, and Newton will be forced to give back his Heisman trophy.

Sorry guys, in 2 years, you'll be giving that back

Even these dudes are gonna have to give back a trophy.

It's not that I have any ill will towards Cam Newton or Auburn, but I hate college football.  Or at least I hate how it's set up.  My hope is, following the Reggie Bush scandal, the Newton/Auburn fiasco will be the catalyst to some real change when it comes to the NCAA and how college football is executed.  I'm sick of teams not having a fair share when it comes to winning a National Championship.  I'm sick of people acting like Bowl games are anything more than just an exhibition.    I'm sick of football programs making millions and millions of dollars, while tuition fees are climbing.  Basically, I'm sick of the NCAA's B.S.  And the more black eyes it gets, the better.

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