Sure people get paid to binge watch shows and eat pizza - but you my friend could be the next official 'Hot Dogger' for Oscar Meyer - wienermobile included.

Do you have what it takes to schmooze with hot dog lovers across the United States? Because that is what you will be doing. You would more or less a wiener spokespeson, driving around the country, going from city to city in a wienermobile. Interested? According to Oscar Meyer, this is the exact job description, and what it will entail,

Full Time, 1-year paid assignment  - An Oscar Mayer Hotdogger

Is an outgoing, creative, friendly, exuberant, college graduate who has an appetite for adventure and is willing to see the country through the windshield of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for one year.

  • Is a representative of Oscar Mayer as a brand ambassador through radio and television appearances, newspaper interviews, grocery/retail events, charity functions, and a variety of other activities.
  • “Meats” and greets people from coast to coast, while maintaining the company car (Oscar Mayer Wienermobile).
  • Works with internal and external consumer promotions, marketing and sales professionals.
  • Manages their own traveling public relations firm on wheels; organizing promotions, contributing to brand social content and pitching TV, radio and print media.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Represent the Oscar Mayer brand as you crisscross the hot dog highways of America.
  • Execute over 200 events during your one-year tour.
  • Pitch and appear on local television, radio, or newspaper media.
  • Create social content for multiple Oscar Mayer social platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Maintain and drive our 84-year-old icon and piece of American pop culture, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.
  • Coordinate all aspects of Wienermobile travel logistics.

As you can see there is a lot of responsibility that goes into becoming a Hot Dogger. All applicants must have specific qualifications, including a Bachelor’s Degree. You can see the full list of requirements here, and to apply.

Some may call leaving your current job, to travel around the country in a wienermobile a dick move - I call it the opportunity of a lifetime.

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