Have you ever been told you have a nice fist? Do strangers stop you on the street to compliment your fists? If so, this gig is for you.

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Fistful of Bourbon is looking for a 'Spokesfist'. If your face isn't all that, no worries. The company is looking for a fist only. According to the Fistful of Bourbon website, the job is basically a one-handed gig that pays $100,000 dollars. The want ad (so to speak) is as follows,

We are seeking to find the new (and first-ever) Spokesfist to represent our brand and appear in future campaigns in print, video, across social media and more. No horsing around—we’re totally serious, this is REAL—one lucky fist will appear in upcoming campaigns for the brand and sign a $100,000 contract.

Interested? If so - you must meet the following qualifications,

  • One helluva fist
  • Ability to clench on cue
  • A steady hand
  • Creative and outgoing
  • Applicants must be 25+
  • Authorized to work in the United States

Do you think you have what it takes to be the Fistful of Bourbon Spokesfist? I think it goes without saying that creativity is key to winning this contest. If you are interested in applying for the gig - check out this Instagram video for more information.

Shine up your fist(s) and get your creative juices flowing, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. Think about it, you could be forever known as Mister Fister or Sister Fister - the SpokesFist for Fistful of Bourbon. Now that is something to be proud of.

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