I was an extra in Batman V. Superman, and, based on the new Comic-Con trailer, it looks like I'll be in 'Suicide Squad' as well. Does this mean I get another paycheck?

Probably not, I barely got paid for BvS. I started writing about my experiences on set, but that turned into a really big story. I'll publish that one after 'Suicide Squad' drops. I just want to make sure I'm not going to violate my non-disclosure agreement in case DC has some tricks up their sleeve, which could totally be the case, but it's not likely.

Instead, I'll just tell you that I was at Superman's funeral. That's going to make for a pretty cool bulletpoint on my resume. Imagine you're an employer and you saw this among my list of skills:

  • Proficient in Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, and Wordpress
  • Attended Superman's funeral
  • Works well with others, in both team and managerial capacities

Tell me you wouldn't hire that guy.

I knew where to look for myself when the movie was in theaters, but it was too difficult. I'm only on-screen for about 3 seconds, so I wasn't able to verify that I actually appeared in BvS until it came out on digital. Thanks to the pause button and a 60 inch TV, I was able to find myself quite easily. See below:

Warner Bros

Take a closer look (click photos to enlarge):

Warner Bros

I was pretty stoked after realizing I am in the movie, even if it is out of focus and super brief. So imagine my surprise when I watched the new 'Suicide Squad' trailer from Comic-Con 2016, and it included my scene! Look for it at the 56-second mark in the trailer below.

I'm not sure if they actually use that scene in the movie, or if it was just borrowed for this trailer. If it is in the movie, that puts me in some very rare company. There's not too many people in 'Suicide Squad' that were in 'Batman v Superman.' Pretty much just me and Batman... and around 700 other extras. Even if it's not that rare -- it's still cool.

I guess I'll see you in theaters on August 5th. No seriously, I'll be available for autographs by the popcorn seasoning station at NCG Courtland on opening day. Not really.