Blink-182 influenced a generation of kids like few bands have been able to, whether it’s through music or hijinks. In celebration of the pop-punk heroes, we put together the most hilarious moments from Blink-182’s career.

Remember the naked bike race on Total Request Live? Riding high off their breakout mainstream hit “What’s My Age Again?” Blink played up their naked gimmick as if they were pro wrestlers. As the pop-punk trio raced through TRL studios, Mark Hoppus de-robed to remain as aerodynamic as possible, giving Carson Daly a good eye-full of pale musician dermis.

Ever catch Blink-182 on MadTV? Mark, Tom and Travis all made a cameo on the show, blending their sophomoric humor into a classic 1950s Leave It to Beaver sketch. Even Travis Barker got a solid line in, utilizing the old “your mom” strategy for complete verbal evisceration.

One of the funniest Blink moments came at the expense of their friends in Kut U Up. In the now-classic DVD Riding in Vans With Boys, members of Blink-182 and Green Day turned a pool cue into a branding iron, giving Kut U Up’s Chris Cote second-degree burns on his hiney. As if being literally roasted wasn’t bad enough, Mark Hoppus roasted his friend with insults before heading back to the tour bus to watch satellite TV.

Watch the 10 Most Hilarious Blink-182 Moments in the Loud List below.

10 Most Hilarious Blink-182 Moments

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