Downseed is headed for their third victory in The Cockfight this week against Holding Mercury. Fantone will have the songs for you at 9p, but your chance to get an early vote in starts now.

  • 'Cancerous'

    Holding Mercury

    This Chicago based alt-rock group doesn't have this track online yet, so you'll have to tune in at 9p to hear it. But you gotta imagine any song about cancer is going to be a fun time. There are several way you can become 'Cancerous', holding mercury might actually be one of them.

  • 'Empire of Lies'


    You already know who they are judging from the massive amount of votes these local rockers have received. Tonight they go for the third win of the week in The Cockfight. Having already taken down Avenged Sevenfold, I'd say their chances of victory are pretty good, but you never know. Maybe Holding Mercury is your next favorite band - we'll find out at 9.