If you are struggling to get back into the work week, this might help ease the sting of work. Recently, a horse named "Bofa Deez Nuts" won a race and the announcer handles it like a champ. 

Horse racing has never been a thing that I have been into. The thought of going and betting on a horse and watching a race sounds fun, but just watching, not so much. However, if more of the horses had creative names like this, it would be way more fun to check out.

The race took place at Remington Park in Oklahoma City on Friday. "Bofa Deez Nuts" ran 400 yards in just over 20 seconds. That speed is only slightly slower than Maggie getting a shot of tequila at the bar. During the race, the announcer made the race even better. He handled the name like a champion and is hysterical to listen to know that it's real.

Source: Deadspin.com

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